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Boxtrapper - Review Queue

Using the cPanel interface, any BoxTrapper mail waiting for verification can be viewed. This can improve email receipt times since you can manually view and approve messages. You can find mail in the queue using the following tools:

  * Keyword Search: Searches can be filtered using the appropriate drop-down box and selecting Sender, Subject, or Body before entering a keyword. Selecting 1 of the 3 search filters causes the function to search only that section of each email for the keyword, decreasing search times.
  * Viewing by Date: By default, the mail queue shows today’s messages. Different dates can be viewed by clicking the previous or next day’s date, displayed above the queued message list.

BoxTrapper also allows you to deliver or delete mail from the mail queue screen:

  1. Click Check All to select all messages received on the selected day, or Uncheck All to deselect them.
  2. Click Delete or Whitelist & Deliver.
  3. Click the Submit button.

To see the contents of a message:

  1. Click the email’s sender, subject, or date. cPanel will display the entire message, including headers, and provide more delivery options—for example, a blacklisted sender can be ignored.
  2. Select the desired option.
  3. Click Go.

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