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Article Domain Dispute Policy
As the registrar we will assist in the following domain dispute, providing the specific criteria...
Views: 1269
Article Internet Explorer 7 reports my site as a phishing site!
In Internet Explorer 7, go to the website that is inaccurately being reported as a phishing...
Views: 1200
Article One of your clients has stole my website design
If you think one of our clients has stolen your design we will do our best to help work this...
Views: 1292
Article One of your users is using your webhosting services to slander/libel me
We here at CyberLS are very sorry that you're having trouble with one of our clients. As you...
Views: 1213
Article What are parked domains?
Parked domains are basically an alias domain name to your master domain, it will be pointing to...
Views: 1275
Article What if my site breaks your AUP or TOS?
Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if extreme, or second time offenders,...
Views: 1258
Article Where can I report abuse and or spamming?
If you know someone who is spamming or in any other way breaking their agreement with our TOS or...
Views: 1168

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