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Article A to Z About Web Hosting
Well, all the websites in the internet need to have a presence in the internet and they are...
Views: 1414
Article Build Your Own Website - The Basics
What is your first step when you wish to build your own website? Do you initially think about the...
Views: 1253
Article Business Web Hosting and Different Types of Business
When creating a website, the form of web hosting that you use affects how your website runs. The...
Views: 1246
Article Can I host friends?
Yes, you may host your friends. If you want your friends to have their own control panels for...
Views: 1267
Article Choose a Dedicated Host for Exclusive Web Service
If you are serious about your online business, you might just consider following the next...
Views: 1253
Article Dedicated Web Hosting - Do You Need to Have It?
Shared hosting is a wonderful and inexpensive starting point for a smaller websites that do not...
Views: 1234
Article Different Types of Web Hosting
The key responsibilities of a web hosting company are to provide server space, web services and...
Views: 1245
Article Guide to Self Managed Dedicated Hosting for Your Business Web Site
If your business has outgrown its shared server and you need to expand, or if you are starting a...
Views: 1225
Article How can I prevent bandwidth theft ?
Due to either ignorance or an 'I'll do what I want because I want to' attitude, there are plenty...
Views: 1209
Article How do I backup my Database using DTS ?
In Enterprise Manager right click your database and select "All Tasks" then "Export data...". The...
Views: 1208
Article How do I disable or enable spam filtering for my email address?
Spam filtering for a specific email address can be disabled or enabled by the user with their...
Views: 1154
Article How do I enable SMTP-AUTH (authentication) in Outlook and/or O
Select "Tools" on the menu bar Select "Accounts" Select "Properties" In the Mail Tab Select...
Views: 1154
Article How do I run a traceroute on Windows XP?
Running a Traceroute on Windows XP: 1) Go to Start (start button on the lower left of the...
Views: 1252
Article How do I set up a default mail address (for mail that doesn't match a valid address)?
This is called a "Catch-All". Please note that spammers take advantage of Catch-All's and spam...
Views: 1216
Article How do I use the basic editor?
The basic editor will be enabled on all of your new pages. This will allow you to easily input...
Views: 1164
Article How long does it take before my domain name is active?
Once the InterNIC announces that your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if...
Views: 1164
Article How long does it take to setup my account?
For security purposes, all orders with are manually checked for fraud. Typically: -...
Views: 1250
Article How to Host Your Own Website
Knowing how to host your own website can save you significant amounts of money and time: You...
Views: 1196
Article How to turn on referrals in Firefox/ Mozilla Browsers
Possible Solutions for Firefox/ Mozilla Browsers Sometimes referral URLs (URL from which the page...
Views: 1287
Article Is Managed Hosting For You?
Many people move from a shared server to a dedicated server because they manage a high traffic...
Views: 1199
Article POP mail account called sales@[domain].com. How do I do this?
Log into your assigned mail server using the administrator username and password assigned to...
Views: 1301
Article Putting Your Web Site on the Internet
You need a web server to put your web site on the internet. Sometimes, owning and maintaining a...
Views: 1163
Article Setting Up the Asterisk Phone System at Home
The Asterisk phone systems are Linux-based VOIP PBX systems. PBX stands for Private Branch...
Views: 1315
Article The Principles of a Good Web Hosting Provider
Being on the internet and running your business often means that you need a reliable and solid...
Views: 1165
Article Web Hosting For Forum Users
Forums are the most visited websites in the internet nowadays. It is the place for internet users...
Views: 1241
Article Web Server Administration
Server administration is just one facet of the larger web that is information technology. In the...
Views: 1323
Article What does Tagged mean?
Tagged means that the message is marked by modifying the message Subject Header and then...
Views: 1353
Article What is a co-managed vServer?
A co-managed vServer is a server that is managed by us and you, the customer. The operating...
Views: 1189
Article What is a CSV file?
The comma-separated values (or CSV; also known as a comma-separated list or Comma-Separated...
Views: 1153
Article What is a name server?
A name server is a computer that tells where a domain name is located. Every computer on the...
Views: 1198
Article What is a POP email account?
A POP email account is an actual e-mailbox that will store messages until you decide to retrieve...
Views: 1155
Article What is a Root Server?
A Root Server is a computer with the following features: 1. You are its only user. You don't have...
Views: 1128
Article What is a Spam Score?
The spam score of each message is compared against predefined numerical settings to determine the...
Views: 1219
Article What is a VPS?
A physical server can run multiple virtual private servers (also called VPS or vServer). Each...
Views: 1252
Article What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth as "The amount of data that can be passed along a communications channel in a given...
Views: 1206
Article What is the difference between a server side and client side application?
Client side application is where the application is using the resources of the client computer....
Views: 1246
Article What is the name of my private cgi-bin directory?
You have a directory called cgi-bin. It is the place you put your cgi programs. When you address...
Views: 1271
Article What's the difference between Basic and Advanced Editors?
The Basic Editor and the Advanced Editor both edit HTML code. While it is limited, the Basic...
Views: 1216
Article Why is there a PHF program in my cgi-bin, Doesn't that make my account insecure?
The original "phf" program was distributed with a number of older web servers. It was supposed to...
Views: 1425
Article Will you place ads on my site?
No but we do have a default 404 page that can be replaced in a few seconds with your own that we...
Views: 1227
Article Windows Or Linux Hosting For Your Internet Business
If you visit any hosting website, you will probably come across a comparison table, offering all...
Views: 1231

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