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Article Domain Name System - More about DNS Audit
Is it working? Has anyone complained? There is much more to a DNS audit. Organizations should...
Views: 1032
Article How Do I Change DNS Settings for My MX, C NAME, A RECORD, etc?
To make any changes to your web sites DNS setting, including your MX record on our side. Please...
Views: 1208
Article How do I flush my DNS cache using Windows?
To flush your DNS if you have windows follow these steps:1- Click on Start2- Select Run3- Type...
Views: 1217
Article How do I perform a trace route?
In Windows, you can run the same command as you would in UNIX, or:   1. Beginning by...
Views: 1157
Article How do I point a parked domain to re-direct to some site other than the main domain on my account?
First, remove the parked domain, then add it back in as a regular addon domain. Use the...
Views: 1137
Article How do I register my nameservers?
Since this process differs from registrar to registrar, it's difficult for us to give you a full...
Views: 1159
Article How to setup GoDaddy private nameservers
    * Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page.    * Log in using your...
Views: 1270
Article Is there a need to use www. in my web address (URL)?
No, you and your visitors can access your main page and all pages on your account either with or...
Views: 1190
Article What do I set my domains name servers to?
To obtain your nameservers please view your welcome email as this information will be located in...
Views: 1192

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