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Article How to restart services
Restarting may be helpful if you have changed a service’s configuration or if the service...
Views: 1508
Article WHM: Transfers - Locating Accounts
Locating AccountsThe interface on this page also comes with a number of tools for locating...
Views: 1335
Article cPHulk Brute Force Protection
cPHulk protects your vital services by disabling authentication to those services after a brute...
Views: 3820
Article How to add a Domain to the Linux server using WHM?
To make the connection between domain name and IP address work, you need to create a new account,...
Views: 1284
Article How to SSH login to your server without password ?
You need to generate SSH Key ( the private key ) on your linux local computer and then update...
Views: 1552
Article WHM: Backup - Configure Backup
This feature allows you to configure how your backup files should be stored. You can configure...
Views: 1434
Article WHM: Copy Another Account from Another Server with Account Password
This feature will attempt to copy an account from a remote server without using the root account....
Views: 1380
Article WHM: Edit DNS Functions
Warning: You should exercise caution when editing a DNS zone, as improperly configuring DNS data...
Views: 1461
Article WHM: Manage SSL Certificates
WHM allows you to generate an SSL certificate for your website. The function will also generate a...
Views: 1347
Article WHM: Nameserver IPs
This feature allows you to add and remove nameserver IP addresses on your server. This is useful...
Views: 1662
Article WHM: Packages
To create a package: Assign the package a name in the New Package Name field. Fill out the...
Views: 1352
Article WHM: Reseller Modifications
This screen offers a number of configuration options for your reseller accounts. You are free to...
Views: 1649
Article WHM: Resellers
Using a set of pull-down menus and buttons, you are able to add or remove reseller status on...
Views: 1384
Article WHM: Server Status - Server Information
This feature displays information about your hardware configuration. You are able to see, for...
Views: 1362
Article WHM: Service Manager
The Service Manager is a list of daemons that can run on your server. This feature allows you to...
Views: 1518
Article WHM: Transfers
This feature enables you to copy an account from a remote server to your web server. You will...
Views: 1431

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