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Article How can I access mysql database remotely?
 Under the mysql header in Cpanel, select 'manage mysql'Then scroll down to the 'access...
Views: 1326
Article How can I change my MySQL database collation ?
In order to solve problems with foreign character encodings, you will need to change your MySQL...
Views: 1451
Article How can I create a database from an sql backup file ?
First, create the database../path/to/bin/mysqladmin -u $mysqlusername -p$mysqlpassword create...
Views: 1451
Article How can I empty MySQL database?
Login to cPanel, got to phpMyAdmin and select the database you wish to empty. It will list all...
Views: 1326
Article How do I delete a MYSQL database?
Removing a database will delete that database ENTIRELY from the server. Please make sure you have...
Views: 1275
Article How do I restore a database using PHPMyadmin?
 You can restore a database backup in PHPMyadmin by doing the following:1) After entering...
Views: 1285
Article How to create a new MySQL database ?
1. Go to your Cpanel >> Databases >> MySql Databases.2. Enter the database name under...
Views: 1288
Article How to find MySQL details of an application installed through Fantastico?
MySQL details of an application can be found in its configuration file and it is the same for all...
Views: 1266
Article What is the default mysql port?
3306 is the default mysql port.
Views: 1260
Article What is the default path to the MySQL binary?
The default path to the MySQL binary at all SiteGround servers is :/usr/bin/mysql
Views: 1452
Article What is the information_schema database?
MySQL versions 5.02 and above consist of an additional database called information_schema. It...
Views: 1399

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