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Article I am receiving FTP errors, what do they mean?
The most common FTP error messages are:401 FTP: This service not accepting users now,...
Views: 2019
Article What is Active mode?
Active mode is when the FTP server sets up the connection. The firewall on the clients side will...
Views: 1231
Article What is my FTP login information?
Your FTP login information:FTP Host: ftp.yourdomain.comUsername: Your Member IDPassword: Your...
Views: 1475
Article What is Passive mode?
This is when the FTP client sets up and controls the connection to the FTP server. The passive...
Views: 1322
Article Which FTP client should I use to upload my files to your server?
Which FTP client should I use to upload my files to your server?There are many FTP clients you...
Views: 1319
Article Can I use FTP before my domain has propagated?
Yes you can. To do this you must use your IP  from your setup email as the FTP address....
Views: 1293
Article How to change the FTP password?
You can change the FTP password for an FTP account from your cPanel > FTP Accounts > Change...
Views: 1290
Article How to check whether FTP port 21 is blocked?
The default TCP port for FTP connection is port 21. Sometimes the local Internet Service Provider...
Views: 1310
Article What are all these directories I see in my account?
/home/username/public_html is where you place your web files. Anything you place in this folder...
Views: 1221
Article What is anonymous FTP and how do I use it?
Anonymous FTP allows you, and others you give permission to, to access your "public_ftp" folder....
Views: 1265
Article What is Ftp?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the standard manner by which files are transferred...
Views: 1250
Article Why does my FTP connection keep dropping?
This is a result of one of three things (in general):1. A local Firewall or Anti-Virus software...
Views: 1323

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